Dec 2

Christmas Spirit

OPN LAW has always had great Christmas decorations, and we can attribute that to one exceptional employee – Angela. Angela just exemplified Christmas; there was a sparkle in her eye that shown all year long, but Christmas time was definitely her time. At times, she tried to sneak in Christmas decorations in October. After Thanksgiving, Christmas music would echo throughout the halls, with Angela unapologetically singing to each song blaring through her office. Last year, the day before Thanksgiving, she excitedly showed the staff members the gifts that had already come in for her sons. The sparkle in her eye was indescribable, and before she left that day, she loudly proclaimed that this was the beginning of what would be the best Christmas yet.

Tragically, on Thanksgiving Day 2013, Angela was the fatal victim of domestic violence.

To say that her death sent shockwaves through OPN LAW would be a profound understatement. Suddenly our Firm felt incredibly small, and although we got through the season last year, it was with bleary eyes; the walls seemingly echoing in silence.

This year, we wanted to honor Angela in the best way we knew how; with crazy Christmas decorations, loud music, and breakfast ordered in. The staff volunteered to decorate the office on Sunday, and on Monday morning, we celebrated Angela by listening to Christmas music and eating breakfast together. We wanted to share our memories of Angela with you, as well as some pictures from Monday. We hope that you get an idea of how wonderful Angela was, and how deeply she is missed.