Disability Law

disability-law_1771f8708e08094bdab943050301e852If you’ve become disabled, are unable to work as a result, and have been denied SSD benefits, we may be able to help! Dealing with any disability has enough challenges of its own without having to wade through all of the forms and legal jargon required to claim Social Security Disability benefits.

We handle all disability cases; from those just beginning to a final appeal if necessary. We also handle short term and long term disability claims as well as Virginia Retirement System disability claims.

Let us help you with your case; we have the knowledge and experience to put the law back on your side and help you claim your SSD benefits. At OPN Law, it is our mission to help our clients with all of their SSD questions and issues; we’ll help you with your paperwork, and we’ll answer any questions you may have along the way. Just give us a call for a free initial consultation today.